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  • Independent of any service providers related to the structure in question
  • Supported by a strong organisational infrastructure
  • Selectively recruited and carefully evaluated to fit the role
  • Collaborative, accessible and available
  • Strong intellectual capital and technical knowledge
  • Diligent, dependable and pragmatic

The governance of companies is best led by those with formal training who are aware of their legal and fiduciary responsibilities and who have experience in the particular activities of the companies they represent. There should be no conflicting interests that hinder the directors from making decisions solely in the best interests of the company and its stakeholders.

Our role is to enhance the competency of a board by offering independent, highly qualified, significantly experienced individuals who are comfortable dealing with the most challenging of situations.

Managing conflicts of interest

Pavilion non-executive directors help bring an independent balance to boards by offering a superior alternative to the common practice of an administration service providers’ employees acting as directors on client boards.

They also add a fresh professional approach to their independent status as they are supported by a strong organisational infrastructure, enabling them to stay focused on their duties without the time constraints, concern and added responsibility that can burden a traditional self-employed non-executive director running their own office.

Recognised experts

Our independent non-executive directors are highly qualified professionals skilled in a variety of industry disciplines and many are recognised as experts in their field, having achieved fellowship status from their respective professional bodies.

Together the boards they are currently appointed to are responsible for directing over US$15 billion of assets including some of Europe’s most sought after real estate, private equity and hedge fund investments. Our directors are currently involved with structures established in Jersey, Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands and the United Kingdom.

Board skills

Pavilion non-executive directors have excellent communication, negotiation and influencing skills that can be brought to bear in dealing with difficult or contentious matters, especially where conflicts of interest exist. They have the strength of character and gravitas to give weight to their views and to use their skills to build consensus around the board room table, ensuring the board functions effectively and the interests and rights of all stakeholders are taken into account when decisions are taken.

Extensive transaction management experience

Pavilion non-executive directors possess the experience and ability to proactively lead in managing any transactional business, ensuring that control and substance is maintained throughout a transaction, with the process guided and driven by the board. Our directors’ flexible and accessible approach means they work with advisors and service providers to achieve necessary deadlines, completing transactions outside of normal business hours if required.

Dedicated support

Pavilion has the breadth and depth of talent to ensure that appropriate support is available to cover any absences and to plan for succession, whilst always being mindful of client confidentiality and the governance requirements of the structure in question.

Every Pavilion non-executive director has the backup and support of their colleagues and benefits from a programme of continuous professional training and exposure to legal and regulatory guidance provided across a wide range of disciplines and cases.

Our dedicated administrative platform, with purpose designed IT systems, provides our directors with instant access to information on the companies for which they act. This enables them to offer a highly efficient and proactive service, supporting the service providers to the companies they act for by maintaining their awareness of the issues at hand and ensuring decisions taken are followed through and implemented.



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